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  • A page of cited work

    Oliver, M. B., Raney, A. A., & Bryant, J. (2020). Media effects advances in theory and research (Oliver, A. A. Raney, & J. Bryant, Eds.; 4th edition.). Routledge. Michelle Cornette  on 19.02.2014 11:45 am. (n.d.). Staff perspective: Self-discrepancy and suicidal ideation. Center for Deployment Psychology. Retrieved December 16, 2022, from Hu, C., Cao, R., Huang, […]

  • Words other then mine explained in mine.

    “A series of empirical studies revealed that discrepancies among various domains of the self resulted in distinct psychological syndromes. In particular, discrepancies between one’s actual and ought selves tended to result in agitation-related emotions, such as guilt, and social anxiety. In contrast, discrepancies between one’s actual and ideal selves tended to result in dejection-related emotions […]

  • So you can see what I’m saying !!

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  • Social Discrepancy Theory

    An introduction to how thinking about ones self effects us. A Mellow explanation from me to you. The self is a very complicated piece of equipment It has many different facets that work together in a plethora of niche movements that complete their own respective jobs. These different facets of the self can be interpreted […]