Private Consultations

Pre-Production Evaluation:  Have a song you feel is ready for the studio but your not sure what instrumentation or production values your song should encompass.  There are no right or wrongs in the creative process but if you would like some feedback from Magic he can evaluate your simple acoustic guitar and rough vocal and offer advise on instrumentation, tempos, improving format, verse or choruses, dynamics, backing vocal arangements or other aspects that you may want to incorporate into the final song. 

Mix Evaluations:  Still having problems with your mix and want a 2nd opinion.  Magic will evaluate your mix through his calibrated studio system (schedule permitting) and offer a personalized audio analysis and suggestions  as to what you can do to correct the mix or production suggestions.

Live remote skype or phone consultations: Schedule permitting Magic may be able to offer you a personalized consultation to assist you in any aspect of production from songwriting, pre-production, tracking or mastering.  


Pricing on the above is on an hourly basis.  Contact us and explain your project for rates and availability.