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Whether you're a seasoned musician or an aspiring engineer wanting to learn this craft from the ground up, or even a experienced studio engineer looking to get that particular sound you hear on the radio, the Magic Audio Engineering DVD & online course system will be an invaluable source of knowledge and reference.


DVD & Online Studio Engineering Courses

Magic Studio Courses: Our online courses encompass all aspects of music production from songwriting, pre-production, Running Sessions, Tracking, Mixing & Mastering.  The online course is the most cost effective way for you to learn all aspects and lets you choose from the preselected course curriculum such as Studio Basics, Micing, Tracking, Mixing, EQ, Compression, Monitoring, or you can pick. just select courses ala carte to brush up on specific areas your interested in.

Each Video course is like having your own private session with Magic Moreno (but at a far lower cost) where he will teach you how how to do things in a multi camera, unpresidented, intuitive and interactive video interface. He'll supply you with downloadable course charts, session sheets and sample files for you to calibrate your equipment and follow along with the course.

Most audio is taught at schools that have big budget equipment and instructors with very little real world experience. They teach you what to do but "WHAT", is not enough you must learn "HOW" to do things.  Our courses don't fixate on outmoded methodologies that teach how to track or mix by formula instead we teach you how to be effective in the real world, how to listen, how to evaluate and how to gain critical skills to make the most out of what you have. He teaches you to work as an inspiration to the artists that
that hire you.

Whether your a do-it-yourself musician in your bedroom on a budget, or in a 
State-of-the-art studio with top noch gear, our course will teach you to get the most out of what you have and learn the secrets that will let you master that pro sound.


Private Consultations

In this day and age a talented producer/engineer can have a consistently busy schedule as a life line to every artist. As the course designer and trainer, Magic has built into the system the opportunity to provide some private remote consultations for Pre-Production Evaluations, Mix Evaluations and 1 on 1 remote skype & phone consultations to course recipients. (Click for more information)


Magic Presence Studios:

Is a full service State-of-the-art record and post-production recording facility. The studio as seen depicted in the curiculum DVDs has the permission of the various artists shown to use their images for training purposes. 
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